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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  May 24, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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america. you take risks by taking public transportation, sending your kids to public schools. there are concerns but overall it is good for america and good for your neighborhood. >> i remain open-minded by open wireless. thank you. that does it for us today. i'm matt miller in for dylan ratigan. "hardball" starts right now. >> dying for jeb. let's play hard ball. >> good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington tonight. burning for bush. dying with unphilippa tattersallment. rich just wrote, quote with governor daniels deciding not to run it is slowly dawning on the republican niend mat party's choice may effectively come down to romney orç pawlenty.
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that prospect producees a range of emotiones from disappointment to panic. mitt romney's got money, poll numbers, presidential looks mp what he ain't got are people excited about him being president. so the big woo y. why didn't john mccain put him on the ticket last time in why does huck huckabee say romney has no soul. if republicans lose tonight's congressional race in western new york are they heading downward? could the republican plan to deskried medicare now be proven to be the sort of dam ya claez? if they can make it up there in western new york they think they can make it just about anywhere under 2012. plus why is professor cornell of princeton saying such nasty things about president obama? we will talk about that well. a liberal group-there you see it, not holding back on that one, throwing grandma or --
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that's -- i think it is supposed to be paul ryan pushing the wheelchair with grandma over the edge. we will show you the full ad. let me finish with the reason republicans are trying to get jeb bush to run. harold fineman, political analyst a, he is media director. and certainly on pop tigs and susan page washington bureau chief. thank you. talking about another pro, a family that can't give enough to the country. why? let's take a look. ann gallespie is 0u9 there trying to make the case in politico, and saying activist pishls and don't force or whom he speaks will begin picking a horse from the current field. we have a field that will produce a nominee capable ofç beating obama next november. that is a weaken dorsment. we will come up with someone,
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pawlenty or romney but is there fulfillment in going up against obama, with a second term, can the economy getting moderately better, with him having caught bin laden, with a clean record, can they beat him with these two horses? >> you neglected his irish roots. >> certainly an extra for me. >> the sense is pervasive. outside of the camps, of the candidates in the race, if you talk to romney people or pawlenty people or huntsman people or -- >> the very thought of pawlenty people excites me. >> even the newt gingrich people. >> there are none. there are none. >> have you met one? unpaid supporter? >> i said, they work for him. anyway, no. the rest of the country among republicans they are saying, you got to be kidding me. this is the 3-2 beer of american politics. >> real life. >> yeah. it is weak stuff. >> we got weak beer.
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do you a agree with that? as a straight reporter for the front page of usa today in every hotel, sitting at my door, do you think this is true? that this is just like mikey doesn't like it? the kid with the cereal, he doesn't like it? >> i think i's early. >> under what standard. >> the field often looks weak until is it starts and someone starts to win and they start it look a little better. i agree romney is the front runner but he is a vulnerable front runner. huntsman, people don't know him yet. maybe he will turn out to be a strong contender. >> the question is -- >> tell me where the economy is. >> the republican experts, the boys club, whatever you want to call it, governor types, sitting around smoking their pipes, doing whatever people do these days, are they happy with the candidates?ç >> no. the bush family, such power in american politics -- >> at least on the republican
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side, there hasn't been the start of a race where the front runner has the low numbers that mitt romney does. >> that's true. the front runner last time was giuliani who doesn't get the nomination. >> by the way, he has his nose bab in the race. >> he does? >> this is sunday talk show talk. this is basically the kind of buzz that is going on right now in the republican party we have been trying to describe right now. let's listen. >> i think governor chris christie of new jersey will be pushed to reconsider this. >> i think there is one last question which chris christie of new jersey. >> a big republican star. >> i think this will open up it up for chris christie. open it up for paul ryan. >> i was just saying this morning maybe it is time it start drafting paul ryan. >> i'm not running or president. >> i think governor perry in texas will probably reconsider. >> i think the third person to think about is jeb bush. >> the cnn's got a new poll of
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new hampshire republicans that romney does lead up there, he has 33 against a weak field of% have no opinion. that's a combined 20% who don't like any of names on that list. i'm saying, look at this, everybody else is single digits. i'm looking at more and more polls where percentages don't add up to more than 60%. there are a huge amount that don't like anybody. my question is sb has it got to the point where they are looking past governor christie. they say in other words they are looking for mirages, past mirages to other mirages. >> think like that plaj u who worked for bush says he actually thinks that rick perry may get in the race. so he is willing himself into thinking it. >> he is the guy that wears that very fancy blazer all the time. >> no, that's a different guy. >> rick i'm talking about rick
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perry. >> oh, rickç perry, yes. >> i agree with susan that number one this is basically the field. i agree with that. i don't want to undermine the premise here. >> they destroyed the reactor over in iran -- i'm think that's what the democrats, somewhere in the brilliant mind of the obama crowd, they invented some monkey -- >> except for michele bachmann, this probably is the field. now between pawlenty and huntsman and romney, that's three guys who you could make mistake -- >> let's talk about the man who runs the other major network we often compete with. chris christie, new york magazine reports a few months ago, roger called the governor of new jersey up and encouraged him to run. he was invited to dinner, roger has a compound, along with rush limbaugh. there is a mighty meeting.
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he fell hard, that's roger, for christie who politely turned down invitation to run. now, roger saying you ought to run, i don't know what murdock, what his thinking is on this. is that at all significant. >> i think you hear about republicans talking about what a great field they will have under 2016 when christie has been governor for a while. when you have rubio running, maybe jeb bush. maybe that's not the best thing for the gop to be talking about. just give us six years. >> like the general manager of a basketball team talking about who they will draft next year. >> before we talk about how popular these guys all going to be. there is a theory in life that the longer you are in politics, the less popular you are. here is governor christie experiencing that phenomenon populatest numbers show he is 40e% favorable but 45% unfavorable. so you think he might be more
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popular in five years. >> he might be. except obviously he has done some big things that angered some new jersey voters, including a lot of democrats and union members whoç probably wouldn't be for him, but built up his credentials. >> he was in a tough situation. he had only recently been elected governor. he really hadn't done anything. if he immediately turned around and started running for president, we would have been openly attacked for doing it. now he will be damaged goods by the time he gets around it running. if the economy doesn't turn around. >> let's go to the real reality here. the reason republicans are not satisfied with the field they have right now is that it is being led by someone who doesn't satisfy them. there is something wrong with mitt romney. when you show a picture he has old time traditional look of a president. thank god we are widening our idea. traditionally he could be the perfectly turned down ivy leg prep school guy with the.
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he is always well mannered. probably never add hang over. probably never broke the law. he is very good at business. but he ain't doing it. people hear him, meet him, they are not excited by his chances. they don't like him. >> both of us have covered him. i know him pretty well, as i'm sure susan does. people that used to work with him, regardless of the deals they did, the people that work with him in the office thought he was a swell guy. same with the olympic committee. but he just has a hard time connecting on the campaign trail, even leaving aside -- >> but that's the business he has chosen. >> even leaving aside the question of how he was pro choice once upon a time. >> well he looks like he belongs with other presidents. >> he just doesn't connect very well. >> that's the fundamental -- that's the job of a politician. i look at him, i see perfectly formed words, perfect articulation. you know when lincoln stands up at disney world and speaks to
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us, that's not a person. cf1 o a machine. he looks like a political machine be very careful about responding to me. >> he mentioned in the new cnn poll leading in new hampshire. >> he lives in new hampshire. >> and he is still only about a third -- >> he lives in laquinn paw suck snl. >> my decision has not changed. i will be be a candidate for president in 2012. howard? >> i think there's a smidge, just a smidge -- well i will not be a candidate -- >> you mean, if you elect me i'll serve. >> yeah. if you wanted to believe in the rapture, okay, happening next tuesday. no, that's not until october now. you know people could say it. but talking to members who know the bush family, number one, the
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bush 41 people are not behind the people. >> what's the ultimate formulation if you're not running? how do you say it? if nominated i will run. if not elected i will not serve. >> he is not running in 2012, that's what he said. i'm not running in 2012. that's the key phrase. >> anyway, the 41 people don't like the idea necessarily. a lot of family people don't like the idea, i've been told. a lost 41 people are scattering to other people like romney or huntsman. okay, 43 people wanted daniels. pe will scatter. jeb is fairly close to unequivocal on this topic repeatedly. it's not going to happen. >> who did huntsman have lunch with yesterday? >> 41 and his wife. >> theyç have a long off the record conversation which i don't know the substance of. but the fact that they did that up there -- >> that's the biggest fear of the republican right.
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that if they were to nominate someone like huntsman of his background, would depend, has all of the advantages of east coast liberal establishment, they will get another bush 41. they don't want another bush 41. set guy who raised taxes. he played ball with the democratic party. >> of course that makes it the kind of rub that might be able to win a general election. >> but they don't think like that. >> i think stylistically and substantively there is a big gap on the tea party social conservative right that no one is feeling -- >> that's when michele gets in. >> paw pawlenty doesn't, newt doesn't -- >> can i make a prediction? michele bachmann will run and she will do very well against the field. >> i agree and i agree. >> i think she will do very good in iowa. >> okay.
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positively on occasion and negatively on occasion. thank you. coming up, it is make or break time for republicans planned and as voters go to the polls in the special election in new york it it could be the sort of damaclease if they all run on the ticket they could lose. this is what beats republicans right across the country. medicare and they're killing it. you're watching "hardball" only on msnbc. yes. yes it does. ♪call 1-800-steemer. [ male announcer ] in 2011, at&t is at work, building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download,
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we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible. fill an entire community with joy? maxwell house believes so. that's why we've partnered with rebuilding together to help revitalize communities in need. vote for your community at >> wow, here is great news out of detroit. chrysler eliminated most of its bailout loans by paying off 6 billion to the federal government. they did it today. the car maker wasn't expected to do so until six years from now. president obama hailed the news as a significant milestone. two years of a the much criticized auto bailout the u.s. auto industry is doing well. gm is once again the world's biggest auto maker and unemployment in michigan dropped from a high of 14% down to 10%.
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take that, newt gingrich. we'll be right back. ♪ [ heather ] businesses need a reliable financial partner. one who can stay in sync with their moves. my job at ge capital is to get bobcat all the financial and business support they need. we provide financing for every bobcat dealer in north america. together, we've rolled out over 100,000 machines to small businesses all over the country so they too can grow. ♪ ge capital. we're there for bobcat every step of the way. ♪
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>> first of all, if people are describing this accurately in polls it is far more important than the poll you described. leaders are to lead. i don't consult polls to tell us what policy should be. leaders change the poll. we are leading in the house. we are not seeing this leadership from the president of united states. >> wow. that was of course paul ryan on meet the press the other day defending the house approved budget plan that would end medicare as we know(çit. the senate is going it take that measure up either in the next two day. one of the next two day. that's coming up tonight in the special house race outside of buffalo. we will test it tonight politically. if that democrat wins in that republican seat up there, look out. will democrats, our question right now, hold this around the
5:19 pm
neck of all republicans next year. did barbara boxer is a member of the u.s. senate. senator boxer, this seems to clearly define the two parties. >> yes. every once in a while you see into the heart and soul of our leaders. paul ryan is a leader and he is leading the republicans to a place that i think they shouldn't go. which is to end medicare as we know it. and today the women of the senate held a press conference and chris ill give you this one statistic because there so too of them. the average income, median income of a senior woman, 65 or more in this nation is roughly $14,000. under the republican plan, which ryan started, it is now the republican plan they passed it, her healthcare costs will be $12,000. so she earns 14,000 a year and now she is going to have 12,000 a year in healthcare costs. up by double of what she is
5:20 pm
paying now. now, she can't live. chris, what is she going to do with $2,000 that's left over? i just don't know. it is a disaster. so she's not going to get any medicare. she won't have health insurance. she will go to the emergency room. she will have a terrible quality of life. by the way her benefit goes directly to the insurance company. she never sees the check. it goes straight to the fat cat to the insurance company earning average 12 million to her 14,000 and whose profits have gone up 41% in the last 12 month. that's the republican party for you. >> senator, what i think, maybe i will give you a chance it explain it, they simply offer up a gift certificate that doesn't cover any big chunkç of the co of health insurance premium. if you are 75 or 80 it is hard to get insurance. that's the idea. >> of course. but i'm saying even though it is
5:21 pm
a gift certificate, guess what? it doesn't even go to the individual. it goes straight to the insurance company. so it doesn't even go to the recipient any more. this is unbelievable. and you know, again, look, all you have to look at was the vote on the ending the corporate welfare as i call it to big oil. these companies are two, three, four on the fortune 500. we could have gotten tens of billions of dollars. instead they want to hurt average people. this is the difference between the parts parties to those of who say there is no difference. it's not true. >> it looks to me like some republicans are jumping overboard. scott brown is a politician. he jumped overboard. two senators from maine jumped overboard. from alaska, three republican women here, looks like they are getting off of this. is that what is going on
5:22 pm
pliltically. too hot for even republicans to support. >> i hope they jump off it. you have to remember scott brown said thank god for the ryan budget. my point of view is thank god we are going to beat the ryan budget. he said it started the conversation. no it didn't. it is ending the conversation. the way you start the conversation is that we all in america know we have to do something about the deficit. remember we did it with bill clinton. the way you do it is to define what is the investment. how does everybody pay their fair share in it starts with big oil and billion airs and millionaires. then we don't have to hurt the middle class and working poor. america is great because of our middle class and our seniorsç this is the greatest generation. they are the ones that need to know they don't have to worry about having their dignity. and they need their medicare.
5:23 pm
>> what is the democratic plan? is there a way of doing cross containment? >> yes. >> is there any way it contain the cost of medicine for people who especially need a lot of medical help when they get older? >> definitely. we did it in the 0e bam ya plan that's now the law which i hope they will keep the law. how did we do it? we said we will stress prevention. people are going to have free check-ups so that they know right away if they are getting sick and it doesn't wined up to be a very costly problem at the end of the day. we do it by making sure there's no fraud and no waste. we're tough on waste and fraud. but for goodness sakes i was watching i think either jon stewart or steven colbert one night a few days ago and they said, guess what, republicans, old people want to live. and whether the republicans or democrats, they don't like what you're doing. and this is something people should never forget. you know newt gingrich said, 15 years ago, let medicare whither
5:24 pm
on the vine. bob dole, i went back into the 60s when medicare was put into place, said something like, it's socialism and horrible and worst thing in the world and the fact of the matter is, it works. there's a 1 1/2 to 2% overhead in medicare. the insurance companies have a 20 to 30% overhead. what are these boys doing over there on the other side? i'll tell you, they've made a huge mistake and people are saying bye-bye to this idea. we will see what happens in new york tonight, but i have to say, regardless of whether we win, we lose or it's very close, it never should have been a raceç for the republican. they held it for decades. but this budget, this is just the part of their budget. they do things like they do away with the education department. the energy department. i mean, it's crazy. it's crazy. >> senator barbara boxer, you're great to to come on this show.
5:25 pm
let's go to ron reagan, the author of my father the hunter. it's amazing when people get 65 how they do like medicare. my dad really liked medicare. he really did. >> i think you're a better political historian than i am chris so check me if you disagree, but i think the republicans made a historic political mistake with this ryan budget plan and endorsing it to the extent they have. think about this, the largest voting block in american history, baby boomers, are about to reach medicare age. republicans decided this is a great time to remind everybody that what they really want to do is turn in t into a privatized voucher plan. >> you know, i'm counting on those to have the right kind of 60s music playing. i'm convinced it is going from guy lombardo to the beatles. everything will be named jennifer and heather.
5:26 pm
it'll be our kind of music. this ideological thing. your dad was conservative. he didn't like medicare one bit as a program. he fought against it for the ama. i'm just thinking that everybody hates the world socialism. it is always defined as some big shot, jie grantic bureaucracy that hates you. when all it means is that the government runs the insurance program and you get it when you're 65 if you work for 40 or 45 years. you have been a newspaper boyçr stock boy. you work all those years, pay into it then get back medical care. has anybody ever turned it down? >> of course not. it is described as giving to the undeserving poor. why isn't giving to oil companies socialism as well? >> because it benefits the parties fund-raising operation. >> exactly. >> this thing about medicare, because the funny thing about it is that campaign rhetoric is to rich with ideological theory.
5:27 pm
and democrats make this mistake too. they get to hard cases. it is totally different politics to people. they don't like the idea of regulation but they damn well don't want to eat tuna fish that has toe main in it. >> right. >> they don't like regulation but don't want to be on an airplane that hasn't been checked. so they do like regulation. they like the faa, they like the fda, they just don't like the name of the places. >> and they like their government run healthcare program. absolutely tle do. >> so when do they turn tail? tonight we get the results from the new york 26. strong republican district against the old jack kemp district. it is a suburban district outside buffalo. if democrats even get close up there, i think it will get these people on the stampede trail. >> absolutely. the dem krt up there didn't even have to win the point. the point has already been made in that it is a close race here. republicans are suffering
5:28 pm
desperately with this ryan plan. you have seen it in town hall meeting. you see it in the poll. 80% of the public say leave our medicare alone. don't cut our benefits. >> so this week the senate has to vote on the house plan. i noticed the house plan. once you vote on one of these bills, you are sort of dead for life. every republicans o who voted for ryan plan voted to getç ri of medicare for people under 55, which is most of the voters. and they all did it. now they have permanently done it. this is an original sin for these guys and women. i wonder how they will try to deny it. give metric. how do they unvote this thing? >> i don't think you can unvote it. you have seen them trying by proposing we no longer have conversationes about pled care that are harsh about the other side. they basically propose to democrats and white house, don't remind everybody that we voted for this thing and we won't be mean to you either. it seems to be their point.
5:29 pm
>> i'm waiting for the big deal. i'm waiting for the deal when they put it behind it but i don't think it'll come to the next election. ron reagan, sir, thank you for coming up. >> thank for having me. >> i think we will put medicare back where it belongs, in the books. why is he can sin itch republicaning 2,000 miles from gnome cleveland? will he run for reelection if seattle? this could be one of the great field trips of political history. what'so special about
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a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy. side show. first up, near miss. remember the shoe that nearly hit president bush? remember how good he was at
5:33 pm
ducking twice? now watch the sixth inning if last night rangers/white sox game. w. is nearly hit by a foul ball. you can see him there. aj dove for the ball as the president barely flinched. there you go. he later said quote just because he was the president doesn't mean i wouldn't jump on top of him. next a cross country relocation. as we said, dennis kucinich will likely lose to redistrictsing. will he retire and call it a day? not a bit. turns out washington state will gain a seat next year and kucinich held a series of meet and greets with seattle area residents. sounds like a stretch maybe. consider this, the last time a congressman won in two different states was 1968. forman went from tom new mexico. finally, grandma gets thrown off
5:34 pm
the cliff. an ad was released wacking al ryan's privatizing medicare. subtle? this ad is not.ç >> i love the point of view on that one as she tries to slow down with her feet. anyway, the irony here, paul ryan may be driving the republican party off the cliff. which brings us to tonight's big number. in december, last december, the chance republicans would keep control of the of representatives in 2012 stood in
5:35 pm
79 percent eson amid ryan budget controversy what are the betting odds now. just 50/50. all even. republicans have just 50% chance of holding on to their majority next year because of that medicare problem. tonight's big number. up next, why is professor cornell west of princeton turn on president obama? let's find out what is line the attack on the president by that professor (tonight, michael moore is a guest. two good guys talking, that should be interesting. i like moore. you're watching "hardball" only on msnbc. [ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables
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>> stocks struggling today turning modestly lower at the close. the dow jones industrial down 25 points. s &. falles a point an nasdaq down 12 points. goldman sachs upgrade metal price. banks tried to rally toward the end of the session and even though citigroup finished higher it has been struggling since the one for ten reverse split. you can see bank of america, ions and wells fargo finishing higher. there is talk of be a economic slow down. google had an extremely successful ipo today. shares started at 25 but ended at $39 on heavy volume. that's a one day gain of 55%. we just learned aig priced post bailout ipo, floating about 15% of the company. officially they have not made the price public yet but kate kelly says it will be $29, a significant level because the
5:40 pm
government, ie taxpayers, break even level was 28.70 a share. now back it "hardball."ç >> breaking news, a very large, very wide tornado outside oklahoma city. let's go to that right now. >> we will broaden out here. there are other dangerous storms potentially developing here. one is northwest of rush springs. you folks towards dibble, norman, per sell and lindsay, stay alert. it is prime for tornadoes. that is coming up in mcclan county and eastern sections of grady county right now. it is just coming out of the area there near apache and into
5:41 pm
grady county right now. approximately 300 yards wide -- a two-story house destride. destroyed. it crossed 81. down here, these are dangerous. these are dangerous. we will pass along tornado warnings to you. stay alert. oklahoma, logan, oklahoma, tornado warning. let's go to jim gardner live. tornado warning for oklahoma county. >> princeton professor corn el west had been an early supporter of president obama. here is a picture of the president shaking hands with mr. west of a speaking at the national urban leagues convention just last year in fact. but a new article on the political blog truth dig he takes on the president calling him, this a strong language a black mascot of wall street ole garchs and black puppet of
5:42 pm
corporate plutocrats. joining me is al sharpton and jonathan who writes editorials anç columnist for the washingt post and msnbc contributor. gentlemen, this is strong language. i know this can be an island of opportunity to say what you feel but what is this anger about from west? reverend sharpton? >> i mean, he has said, chris, that he does not think the president has focused on enough of the issues of poor people and black people. but iably that the name calling and the using the strong term like calling the president of the united states a black mascot and talking about his mother, i think this is in many ways gone over the line that many of us would say where we could have a critical discussion that would, one, say that president needs to deal with certain issues and two, not undermine him and hand
5:43 pm
him over to those that despise him and the black community. i don't think this is help i think name calming is counter productive. i think the president has addressed issue. i think he can do more but i think it is not fair to say the president made a huge difference in the country. >> this is kind of inend areary language from corn el west, who is major academic in this country. more and more working people are beaten down. they are into self medication. they are turning on each other. they are scapegoating rather than confronting the powerful. it is a catastrophe. i think barack obama could have had a way out but he lacks backbone. he made comments on the ed show last week. let's listen to him explaining what he said. >> if you have backbone in terms of killing bin laden, certainly
5:44 pm
that's backbone. as commandener chief. i'm talking about backbone for poor children. misabused workers. those unfairly incarcerated. those middleç class folks experiencing downward mobility. and confronting the wall street and that's the kind of backbone i would like to see more of, my brother. >> we have to go right now to the tornado situation in oklahoma city. >> it crossed highway 81. and it almost got us. it intensified right on top of us. paysing. a half mile wide. just crossing gregory road. it is going to cross northwest expressway in about a minute. it is crossing northwest expressway right now. it is a massive tornado. half mile wide. no doubt about it. deadly, deadly, deadly tornado mike. coming toward the metro. back to you.
5:45 pm
>> okay. immediate mont -- piedmont, you got to get out of the way. below ground. . tornado warning for northwest oklahoma city and deer creak edmond as well. that is a violent, violent, maxy tornado. it is a grinder. it is coming into piedmont right now. yeah, it is on the west side of piedmont right now. you saw the power pole literally snap in two where dave sid located. he is like a half mile away from it. you saw it happen live. that's just around the tornado. those winds are a hundred miles an hour. it is right here on west side of piedmont crossing northwest highway right now. deer creek edmond just northwest of mercy. southwest okc. let's go to the north doppler, look at very loss its. it is over northwest piedmont right now. centered here. that will be at 15th, edmond
5:46 pm
road, 33rd. out there at piedmont road is where it is now, showing over 200 mile-an-hour wind sheer. could be an ef 4, potentially ef5. let's go back to storm tracker. there is a new topnî warning for grady county. is that southern or northern grady? all right, back down. we got shift gears here. back to this one in a second. piedmont, get out of the way. down here south. this one right here. okay. tornado warning for this one right here. coming in to southwest oklahoma city. hit the velocity. this is for union city. mustang, yukon and bethany. we got to verify that again. tornado warning for grady county is for the one at union city.
5:47 pm
is that right? this is for southwest oklahoma city. that eng truck down there, we got to get them heads up on that. coming up in the southwest oklahoma city. this is bethany, yukon, mustang, central oklahoma city. including downtown. now, i got to ask you again. that is -- that's the one. it is one. tornado warning northern -- okay, that's it. tornado warning grady, southeastern canadian. year union city right now. tornado coming in to southwest oklahoma city. different storm than the piedmont storm. folks, be thinking about your safe spot. it is so volatile today. get ready to go to your safe spot. yukon be bethany, southwest oklahoma city over towards south oklahoma city and midwest city and up to about the zoo and up to ocu and whitewater bay and
5:48 pm
the state fair park. all in through there. you got to start thinking about where can you go. steve, we got to get that crew down there to get their shot up and got to take it. let's go up here to the north. up to piedmont. david, are you still with us? >> yes. >> give us an update on piedmont.,ti rjñ cannot see the right now, few miles headed back east new at high rate of speed to get ahead of this thing again. give me 10 minutes or less, i'll be back on it again. >> tell him to go south. >> it is far way morgan but looks like it is still on the ground. still on the ground. northeast at about 10 miles, mike. still on the ground no doubt about it just to my north. i'm east and i'm coming north and west and come back north in about 5 minutes. >> sending debris balls at
5:49 pm
edmond and fris co-road. damaging winds through piedmont right now. jim, to give us an update there from the chopper. can you see it? it is on the northern side of piedmont right now. say that again. stove pipe tornado. checking our reports from ham radio operator. say again, hank. jim, give us an update. can you see it? north side of piedmont. >> sent her of your screen, check. >> real hazy. >> real hazy. i'm just on the east side, southeast side of piedmont. that's it. >> okay. yeah, that's jim gardner's shot. folks, we're got two tornadic super cell. one is coming from into west metro one south southwest metro. we have to make this as clear as we can. we know there is a lot going on here. we know this is dangerous.
5:50 pm
we want to make this as clear for you as we can. there th is a big tornado tp. it is violent. it produced a lot of damage. west earth north sides of piedmont. there are a lotç of folks with homes here these day. heading deer creek edmond, it h been an ef 4, maybe an ef 5. it has been a multishape vortex tornado. extremely dangerous. have to be out of the way or below ground. no choice, get out of the way or below ground. tomorrow is a better day. today, save your life, your family's life, your pelt's life that is the most important thing. other things can be replaced. up toward four corners and west and northwest edmond, where the maxi tornado is headed. chris, let's walk down, we have troy christianson going on this storm. hit the shear out of it. lx. the look is east of union city. he will velocities on this not as impressive, curious to see
5:51 pm
what reports we can gather from the southwest metro, not saying it didn't produce a tornado but the velocities are not as impressive now. that is a supercell and tornado warning for southeastern canadian county, mustang. yep. okay. brand new tornado warning, walk down, you folks in yukon it is heading your way. you have got to list willen carefully. that is a tornado warning could produce a tore need know. this has a tornado warning with on it, brand new, talking about this earlier. this looks like a beast this looks like it could put down a big tornado, now southwest of econom chick ka shea. you folks, get below ground or out of way this is dangerous, head up i-44. look at the motion there look at the motion. head up i-44. chick ka shea, tabler, new castle, moore, norman it is heading your way and it could produce a violent tornado.
5:52 pm
we have got storm trackers down here as well. there is a tornado warning for grady county, blanchard, anywhere from chick ka shea, minacaw, newcastle, norman and moore. tough think where you are going to go to protect your lives and stay safe. this could put down a violent tornado, southwest and south metro. in had case you are flipping channels do that kind can of thing, you have got to be clear that this is serious down here. chick ka shea, moore, norman, make no mistake about it you have got think where you can go to be safe. if you have got a neighbor that has a storm cellular or basement, you have got call them now and say can we come over when this comes into our area and be safe? we are going to keep you forewarned on that one. now that's serious, a bad storm down there coming up i-44, toward moore and norman. we are going to keep you forewarned. tornado outbreak very much in progress here. tornado warning grady county. this one up to the north, yukon,
5:53 pm
we have any live cameras at all showing? there's so much rain wrap nothing circulations. jim is on the one near piedmont. can you give us an update on the piedmont tornado, large and violent what do you have? >> mike, we are sitting in heavy rain south -- excuse me, north of the sundance air park shooting back up toward piedmont. now, we haven't been a able to get a visual on t we saw power flashes but it is just so much rain, you made it really -- emergency people and piedmont +t(eople out of town, but againo hard out here to see anything, mike that we really can't -- we
5:54 pm
really can't tell except for lightning flashes every now and then and picking it up. but again, we will just keep trying the best we can, keep track of it and forewarn the people, let you know, mike. >> we show an f 4 on the ground there jim, we still show an f 4 on the ground up there go to the north doppler radar, sink drain effect, take it full. david pain, we still show an f 4 here. check hall road and coffee creek and co-vel. it is heading for four corners up to sue ward, lake liberty, lake guthrie, deer creek, edmond if it turns right it could down waterloo road into north edmond, all right? looks like easily -- that is a sink drain, the hotted very 100 awake the hot green going to red is 105 to 10 toward. 200-mile-an-hour wind shear here this is a maxi tornado, looks like the eye of a hurricane there is no data in the middle because that is probably the eye of the tornado, it is very, very large and very dangerous.
5:55 pm
tell us where you are, let's go to the stormtracker here. >> mike, again, mustang road. mike, i'm at mustang road south of piedmont, tornado just to minority. mustang road and memorial, tornado just to minority, looks like it's crossing, real close to crossing mustang road right now. is that what you have? mike? >> yes, it is a large, violent tornado. it has got an eye in it. at check hall road. jim's got come on around. jim, come on around to the northeast side of it. you can see it, it is great big, very large. it is going to cross four corners, deer creek, edmond. david, it's still -- might be an ef 4, might be a half mile to close to a mile wide. it's very, very large right now, very large. right now? >> mike? >> yes, go david, go. >> mike, i'm at mustang road,
5:56 pm
coming up piedmont now the tornado has crossed mustang road. i see the backside of the tornado. it has crossed mustang road. i'm at mustang and 150, looking north about a mile, there's the tornado. it just crossed mustang road. just cross it had mike. >> it crossed mustang road. >> yep, it is still a violent tornado. it is wrapped in rain though. it is starting to get really wrapped in rain, which is not good. you can't see it at all, really scary. >> heading for four concern and sue ward, deer creek, edmond, a large tornado. come on up around, coffee creek, co-vel, sore gum mill, waterloo road and look to your west southwest. >> yeah, mike.
5:57 pm
it is a large tornado and right now it is going to be right over four corners were it is going to go right now. heading up to four corners, watering road, up to sue ward and then from there up to gutry. new tornado warning for guthrie. this thing is a monster, it is leveling stuff in its path. you got to be out of its way or below ground when it comes your way. a mile southwest of four concerns, a sink drain on radar, it has an eye on it looks like a hurricane. david,ç tell us where you are with an update, spinning like a
5:58 pm
top deer creek edmond, sue ward, gut regard. going to go into guthrie if it doesn't change path now and up to at least a half mile, maybe a mile wide, right up at that intensity right now. also, david, are you with us? david payne? >> yeah, mike, we are headed east on northwest 164th, tornado just to minority, mi my north,.s it is a violent tornado, sarah road, 164th, the tornado just to minority, mike. maybe a mile. maybe a mile. i think at this point, not very far it is right here, mike. >> yes, david. you're crisscrossing through debris is that right? >> no just to minority west about a mile. i'm staying on the east southeast side of it. >> can you visually see it right now? >> no, well, here is -- i can see what i have seen the last ten minutes and it is just a
5:59 pm
big, dark area and a wrapping rain that is completely wrapping around it. but i cannot see the tornado right now. it has got a lot more rain in it, a lot more rain being pulled into the system compared to what we had even 20 minutes ago so it is going to be really hard to see. i'm going to go another mile east and go back north and i will get up close to it again on the east side and see if i can't see it. i just see a dark wedge. all i see a dark wedge looking through the rain at this point. going northwest now. it looks to me like it is still on the ground. >> okay, david, stay with it. david, got to be going to guthrie. >> hey, mike. >> yeah. go. >> to okay. what about the storm coming into the southwest metro? >> we are going to peel off jim gardner on that one. >> okay. so, he is going to take that one? >> yeah, have jim come down here, here at the station, have him bump down here he at the station. >> i need to break off and go south, tell me.


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